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Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Record Journal publishes a Voter Guide every election year. If you have a subscription to RJ and want to read the whole guide, click on this link:

Select Sunday's paper on October 24th and go to section C (Voter Guide). I am on page C3.

Speaking of the Record Journal... below is the advertisement that ran on their website.

WALLINGFORD — Board of Education candidates shared personal statements Wednesday during an abbreviated forum, hosted by Wallingford Community Women.

All school board candidates opted to read prepared statements this year instead of answering live questions. Wallingford Government Television recorded video for broadcast and archival online.

Jen Passaretti, Republican newcomer, said that as a college professor, “I see the products of the education system from the other side, and I bring a unique perspective to help our students succeed post high school.”

"...As the daughter of a 3rd grade teacher, I was raised with a passion for education. A town’s value is determined by the quality of its schools. Our exceptional public education has always been a source of pride for Wallingford, representing one of the leading reasons why people are moving here. I will work tirelessly to maintain that quality which sets us apart and lends support to a thriving community. I will be guided by what is the best for Wallingford schools: student and family engagement, solid programs, technology-driven curriculums, and community partnerships.

I anticipate some tough choices in the next 2 years, especially when it comes to the budget. I have been in higher education for 18 years at the University of New Haven where I am responsible for managing the department’s budgets, including all grants. I understand the balance between providing stakeholders with necessary resources, while also maintaining fiscal responsibility. I have likewise gained a unique insight into diverse aspects of Town management in my tenure as a Commissioner of the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission. ..."